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Crop Circles

For over fifty years geometric figures and patterns have been regularly appearing in fields all over the world.

Often several hundred metres across and highly complex, they defy human explanation. Some patterns would take many hours to draw on paper and yet they form in crops overnight. See reconstruction of a crop circle for an example.

Whether simple circles or sophisticated designs, something carefully and uniformly folds the crops to form these strange patterns. The stalks are bent without being damaged and laid parallel to each other in a circular flow.

Up to seven circles per night have been recorded in England, with up to 300 appearing per year. Strange biophysical phenomena at crop circle sites add to the mystery. See research into crop circles for a good summary.

What is making them?

The press and governments point the finger at human hoaxers, and many have come forward claiming to be authors of crop circles. However, human resourcefulness has it's limits. Most crop circles known to be the work of 'land artists' fall far short of the perfection seen in 'genuine' crop circles. The largest and most complicated designs would need teams of up to thirty people to make them in a single night. Yet these same designs go unclaimed. Why would people go to all that effort without seeking recognition for it?

The most popular culprit is aliens, with or without UFOs. Strange lights are often seen on nights where crop circles appear. The symbols would be messages to us from a far civilisation.

An interesting theory is that all the designs are detailed plans for building an interstella craft, see crop circle ship for details.

Does it matter?

Who or whatever is making crop circles is inspired to create beautiful and often breathtaking images. No one is left indifferent at their sight. We often feel humbled by their scale and complexity, and are left with disturbing questions about humanity's place in the universe.

A powerful energy is at work. To understand it we must first understand ourselves...

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