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Crop Circles




Who is Delwyn McPhun?

The author was born in Cheshire, UK in 1960. A shy child, he adored writing but any suspicion of talent went unnoticed as he rarely wrote what he was supposed to. This unconscious resistance to authority led him to fail his O-level English exam four times!

A teenage passion for electronics did not survive the experience of an industrial apprenticeship. Abandoning his studies at Bangor University, he co-created a software company to develop and publish educational programs, and so became a classic computer-nerd, a social misfit.

Ten years later he was saved by a new passion: sailing. Setting off in a restored wooden ocean racer, he cruised the oceans for ten more adventurous years, many of them spent in the Indian Ocean where he wrote a cruising guide and his first novel.

Delwyn arrived in New Caledonia in 2000, happy to settle down with his new young family and start the difficult task of becoming himself. The years of therapies, theatre, singing, etc., are bearing fruit, and he has even learned to write stories that editors like.

Now at the head of a successful marine company, Delwyn divides his spare time between writing, singing and helping timid people to express themselves.

He dreams of a world where parents learn to love themselves before having children.


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