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Circle's End

The prize-winning novel about Crop Circles by Delwyn McPhun

Crop circles:  Hundreds of these unexplained patterns appear in our fields each year, their vast beauty inspiring awe and wonder.

A sudden increase in their number throws Matt Lancing, maths student and symbologist, into a world of intrigue. What is creating them? What is their message?

Matt deciphers crop circles for a secret group led by the mysterious Ember, a determined redhead with strange spiritual beliefs. Uncovering what makes the circles is just the beginning of Matt's journey to a terrifying discovery.

Circle’s End is a passionate mystery in which the main protagonists embody the conflict between material and spiritual, scepticism and faith. Each must free themselves of the illusions that make life and death supportable to understand what is making the circles and decipher their desperate message.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe that crop circles are made by aliens, UFOs, elves or humans; this story was written for you!

Winner of the 2007 Province Sud Literary Competition



Circle's End - Front Cover


Fiction: Adventure, Mystery, Journey
Paperback, 248 pages
Format 6 x 9" (152 x 228mm)
Published in 2010 by Bud Books
ISBN 978-2-9536701-0-3

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Reader's Reviews and Comments

Despite the title this is not a book about the science or dynamics per se of crop circles in the usual accepted sense, it is a novel that encompasses almost the entire field of the phenomenon of crop circle lore.  It is a book that all croppies should read and one that they will want to read.  Whatever your particular point of view about crop circles, this book will draw you on in an almost hypnotic manner.  It will use as a background, almost the entire history of the subject as well as allusions to various croppies and organisations.  It is almost de rigueur to figure out who is being parodied or interpreted in the well illustrated characters that people the book.

The tale is told in a page turning and entertaining race from one provisional explanation to another as the plot twists and turns.

Mr McPhun has obviously spent a very great deal of time investigating the phenomenon and has left few stones unturned in researching his subject. His erudition on the subject is self evident and offers croppies an opportunity to revisit their own thinking and theories.  A novel, yes, but a chance to revisit your memories and experiences of the past at the same time...

... all in all a great and refreshing approach that will be food for thought and cause for reflection for all croppies.  I cannot emphasise enough that this book should be a MUST for all well experienced croppies, yet banned from the grasp of all neophyte croppies. Read it and you will see what I mean.
George Bishop,  one time editor of The Circular, Centre for Crop Circle Studies, UK

I had heard of crop circles before, but never guessed at the depth of the mystery surrounding them. And that’s just the starting point of Circle’s End since the author takes the mystery much further, all the while questioning the way we live and our relationship with the Earth. The likable down to earth hero undertakes a journey to find out what the crop circles are saying, and in the process becomes less down to earth. I like the intimate style. This is a book that will please environmentalists and anyone into New Age philosophy or spirituality. Recommended.
Tristen Cooper, Boston

Wow, I couldn't put Circle's End down!  When Matthew, a young student whose passionate interest in symbolism, meets a redhead with a passionate interest in crop circles, life and passions change, and he gets into an exciting, mysterious, at times dangerous, uncharted, secret world.  Throw in the trials of daily life and a budding relationship with this unpredictable woman and the unexpected happens at every turn.  This book had me hooked.  If you’re a crop circles enthusiast there’s a lot of fascinating detail, but it is no dull tome.  If you’re like me keen to read a story that’s different - go for it!
Anne Dove, UK

What a wonderful story! Just when I thought the mystery was solved, wham, it deepened further and by then it was past midnight and a power cut stopped me from reading further: the frustration was unsupportable! This story is superbly built up with real life characters and a final catch at the end that really gets you thinking. Love it!!!
Nicole, Nouméa

Without giving anything away, this mystery is not just a whodunit about crop circles although it does explore a wide variety of theories and the reasons each character has for believing them. The first half of the story would seem to confirm the views of scientific sceptics, but everything changes thereafter. I do hope that the final discovery at the end holds true… perhaps we will find out in 2012! Anyway, it’s a lovely story with wonderful characters and a surprising spiritual side.
Eleanor Woods, UK

This book is not just about crop circles obviously, these are circumstantial in the story as it turns out, a drawing board for the revelation of a reality man has lost touch with. This discovery is obviously the central theme of the story. I now understand why you wove in the Eastern Arts to illustrate man's efforts to in fact not lose connection with nature's life force, this is given enough space to count as another theme within the book. Then there is the third element to the book, which is the one of self discovery, confronting your own demons, figuring out there's more to who you are and how you behave than you realize, so the focus on emotions, love, and parenthood – and psychology to figure this all out... Love the book mate. I have to say you have pulled off something both light and deep, and I'm impressed by how readable you have managed to keep it.
Paul, Toronto

Awesome! When's the sequel coming out?
Mike Lewis, Hawaii